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August, 2018

Meet Jason Bamford

It’s easy to forget and sometimes hard to imagine the people behind an organisation. At Bambra specifically, you’d be forgiven for thinking we are all incredibly good-looking and outrageously hilarious. Well, because you’re right. However, we think you should get to know us all a little better: meet the Bambra Family.

Introducing our first Jason (we like to collect them at Bambra – so far we have three). This particular Jason, Jason Bamford, is our Finishing Manager.

As the name would indicate, finishing is responsible for chopping and changing piles of printed sheets into your finished products. This kind of operation requires a lot of people power and machinery, so Jason effectively manages our largest department. Thankfully, as a self-professed people person with a passion for technology, he handles it with ease.

Jason has early memories of print, distinctly remembering the smell and feel of print pieces from his childhood. However, he didn’t actively seek a gig in the industry. Instead, he landed his first job at a commercial printer purely by chance and decided he liked it so much that he would stick it out. 30 years later and he’s still hanging around.

Luckily for us, Jason loves everything about his role; the people, the machines, the clients and the work they produce. And this passion translates throughout the department. The mood of determination is palpable from the moment you enter the bindery, where the people move with purpose among the hum and thrum of operating machines.

Day to day, Jason is often darting around ensuring the department is running like a well-oiled machine. However, he’s never a stranger to a friendly chat and laugh along the way.