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November, 2018

Bambra Be Merry: Variable Data Printing

It can only mean one thing when the jingles start playing and the decorations go up: the silly season is upon us. Even though it might seem like early days, do not be fooled into thinking you have plenty of time to prepare. It is only a matter of time before we descend into full blown Christmas mania.

Bambra cannot do your Christmas shopping for you, but we can help with something far more important; the wrapping and cards. Even though most people treat them like an afterthought, they are really the unsung heroes of the season. And this year, Bambra is going to help you nail both with one amazing trick: variable data personalisation.

Variable data is a digital printing process which can customise as many, or as few, printed items. You can change whole paragraphs of text, images, or even entire colour schemes from piece to piece. On a basic level, this means adding names to each one of your Christmas cards. However, knowing how creative you folk can be, variable data can do so much more.

Consider personalised wrapping paper. It would wow your gift recipient so much that it would not even matter what the present was. This is a genius strategy for disguising terrible presents purchased in a last-minute frenzy. Without wrapping paper, it is another pair of socks. With personalised wrapping paper, it is a thoughtful gift.

While you can have your pick of corny, naff, covered-in-glitter Christmas cards, we know you want to send better. Using variable data printing, we can personalise each and every card with names, messages, and just about anything you want. Imagine how special it would feel to receive something so personal.

If you are interested in using variable data this Christmas, give Bambra a call. Things are about to get festive. | (03) 8698 3233